Hillsboro, TX     July 9 - 10, 2016

Although the rainy Spring weather pushed the festival back into the heat of July, the Texas Pirate Festival held more great people than it ever had before! There were good friends and good fans to be had all over the site and we enjoyed getting to hook up with everyone from the friendly confines of the Jack Tar Tavern and our Pirate Music booth. Though only 4 Bilge Pumps were able to make it, we swelled up to 4/3 our normal size and took care of the pirating anyway.

Only four Bilge Pumps managed to show up to skip out on work with "Banana Boat Pirates".

John Crow the Cook gets spit in the eye by one of the other pirates... who promptly blame the absent Sharkbait.

Maroon the Shantyman is either crooning out a lovely note or just fell asleep during the song.

Look who's sporting a beard! Splice the Rigger!

Only one Bilge Pump has been in the band as long as that T-shirt is old. We make quality goods!

The Bilge Pumps lead along the hottest and dustiest parade in the ren world.

Splice and John Crow assume their traditional positions between shows.

John Crow wants to ride the Splice Express during "The Smugglers Song".

The band gets everyone to raise their mugs in "salud" during "Isn't it Grand?"

Jack the Rum Runner and Maroon lead everyone in a sing-along with "House of the Rising Sun".

The Jack Tar Tavern fills up with patrons to see the show... or to get out the sun. Either way, it's good for the band.

We would describe what was going on here, but you really had to be there. Unless you have Smell-o-Vision.

The sign tells you all you need to know.

If Maroon is channeling this much melodrama, it must be for "The Dark Lady".

Jack gets the Queen up on her feet to do some boogeying during "Johnny Jump Up".

Splice whips out John Crow's own dinghys and shakes them in his face.

Splice reveals that inner Spice Girl that's been lurking juuuust beneath the surface.

1... 2... 3... and... jazz hands!

Maroon and Splice are either hanged or well-hung. Either way gets applause.

Jack works on his diction reciting dirty limericks during the Seadog Slam's Shipwreck Show.


Pay Me
With Harvey and Sharkbait gone, it's up to John Crow and Jack the Rum Runner to sing the song.
Uploaded: Sep 22 2016     720 X 400    02:43 min.    38.5 MB
Lowlands Low
The 4-man band tells the story of the pirates that won!
Uploaded: Sep 22 2016     720 X 400    03:08 min.    44.6 MB

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