Grapevine, TX     September 11, 2016

We made port in Grapevine this fine Sunday afternoon at the Messina Hof Winery to join forces with the King of the Texas Renaissance Festival to help promote their show and our love of pirate music. Along the way, we met new friends, drank new wines, played some gravelly-voiced songs, and snuck a few peeks at the Cowboys score for good measure. We also set a modern-day record by having all 6 Bilge Pumps at consecutive events!

Maroon the Shantyman was losing his voice, so a set list had to be put together that let everyone else sing.

Then it's up the stairs we go to cause some wine to shoot out of some noses.

Only in a winery for 2 minutes and already John Crow the Cook is threatening abuse to the local kids.

The band chooses the larger room to perform. Not because of the size, but because of the food.

First Crow is threatening the kids, then he's giving them candy. The Santas these days are confusing.

It's off to room #2 and a chance for Splice to knock out "Ten Thousand Miles Away".

John Crow tries to get away from Harvey the Corpsman's omnipresent pheasant feather.

Sharkbait Simon refuses to be the scapegoat this time, shifting blame to Jack the Rum Runner.

When in doubt, just swap the damned hat.

Larry the Lobster has emerged! It must be time for "Drunken Sailor".

Harvey could be there all day trying to get Crow to get the salute right.

On to room #3, where the stakes are worth triple!

Everyone's all settled in as the wine and snacks keep disappearing to who knows where?

The show always comes to life when Harvey puts his lips on the sheep's butt.

Sharkbait and Jack do everything possible to keep the rhythm on "Son of a Gambolier"

The band gets the room to lift their mugs in the air for a toast during "Isn't it Grand?".

On to location #4 as the band cranks up the volume a bit during "Black & Tans".

The band loses John Crow as either a wine barrel or gravity pulls him away from the song.

Sharkbait Simon gets down and funky during "The Night Pat Murphy Died".

The band get really descriptive about some bad past job experiences during "Ranzo Ray".

Sometimes you just need to have 22 strings to get through a song.

Sharkbait Simon gets his jollies watching Maroon totally fumble about playing a 12-string guitar on stage for the first time.

Nothing can bring pirates together faster than someone taking their picture.

The show's almost over, time for TRF's King to come out and give away free booze and tickets!


Rippy the Gator
Passing the time by ending children's lives with this Arrogant Worms song.
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