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2016 was an election year and the Bilge Pumps figured that it's time to elect the first-ever President running solely on the platform of a 2 round meals a day and color rum distillery in every home. After all, piracy was the first true democracy in the world, so it's only right we keep to our heritage.

So they hit the campaign trail and raised funds while we have endless debates among the crew about who will be the one that got to be president. We finally had to stop doing thumb wars after the 4th pirate got their thumb cut off when they won.

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Pirates on the Prairie V Mardi Gras Galveston Medieval Fair of Norman Railean Rum Distillery TMCA Spring Fling Texas Pirate Festival
Taking the Stage III Messina Hof Winery TCC TLAPD Party Texarkana Ren Faire Magical & Medieval Faire Texas Ren Festival
Louisiana Ren Fest Railean Rum Distillery Dickens on the Strand GP Farmers Market

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