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Bilge Pumps Birthday Song
(David Ruffin)

So have a Happy Birthday
Your cake we hope to share
But don't expect a present
We're pirates, we don't care!

We know you're getting older
You're prob'ly gonna die
'Cause we can see your candles
Light up the nighttime sky

Presents give you lots of joy
Your old joints give you pain
Your friends don't really give a damn
So go and get a cane!

Your eyes are weak and so's your back
Your hands and knees they shake
But that's OK, you'll prob'ly choke
On a bite of birthday cake!

Have some rum, a cup of grog
A beer that's cold and tall
Enjoy 'em now 'fore it's too late
'Cause next it's Geritol!

So let's go have a party
But just be home by nine
We'd hate to have to send you off
In a long, cold box of pine

So let's all sing the Birthday Song
Sing if you get the urge
'Cause soon you won't be singing
When it's a funeral dirge!

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