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Ghosts of Heroes
(Richard Grainger)

They left from Shields well loaded down
With coal for the smoke of London town
But two days on at Flamborough Head
A storm had filled the ship with dread
Sails did rip and masts did fall
The air all alive with the Captains call
When the dark night turned to early light
Robin Hoods Bay came into sight

And I wonder what they´re doing now
Ghosts of heroes, men of men
Sweat like diamonds on their brow
They watch us as we follow them

And I´m left with the bairns at home
Its bitter and cold, we wait alone
Just one more trip love then it´s home
No more trampin´ London coal
The brig with icy water filled
We´ll all sing a hymn so as not be killed
Into the long boat, one last chance
We sang our song as the waves did dance

The storm has turned northeasterly
No Whitby boats can get to sea
But we can tow ´er over tops t´bay
I thought I heard our coxswain pray
Wet with sweat, blood blistered hands
The men of Whitby pulled and ran
Eighteen horses towed the boat
Two hundred souls dug through the snow

How we got to the Bay I´ll never know
Towed the boat o´er the top through eight foot snow
Though fit to collapse we were into the foam
Where life goes on we bring it home
First time out we´re smashed by a wave
So great was the crash, so near the grave
But back for those dozen men we steered
The roar of the storm sang in our ears

So let´s not forget what has been done
By those lifeboat men through raging foam
Timbers screamed and oars did break
But our sailor lads have returned safe
How women and men and horses toiled
To fetch those lads from the devils spoil
Aye remember the Robert Whitworth´s men
And all of the boats that follow them

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