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Harvey the Corpsman
(Walter Rollins & Steve Nelson, alt lyrics by Christopher Dallion & David Ruffin)

Harvey the Corpsman as a pirate he is droll
With his corny jokes and his shiny robes
For a buck he´ll sell his soul

Harvey the Corpsman is a little strange they say
He is really old and the Bilge Pumps know
That his mind will go one day

There must have been some magic in those Kwanzaa pants he found
For when he pulled them to his waist, he began to dance around

Oh, Harvey the Corpsman on display for all to see
Other pirates say old Harv is gay
But they could just mean happy

Rumpty rump rump
Rumpty rump rump
How his pants hang low
Rumpty rump rump
Rumpty rump rump
He has no butt to show

Harvey the Corpsman was as ancient as the dirt
With his creaky bones and his saggy stones
And his bowels that always squirt

Oh, Harvey the Corpsman, well he always has a joke
And they´re really lame oh it´s such a shame
He´s the guy we´d like to choke

It´s strange to see him dance and sing and wave his sash about
But when he tries to remember words, he´s just a drunken lout

Oh, Harvey the Corpsman, will he ever go away?
No he just won´t die and I´ll tell you why
He was petrified that way

Humpty hump hump
Humpty hump hump
See his face turn red
Humpty hump hump
Humpty hump hump
He´s the living dead

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