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Isle of Tortuga
(Craig Lutke)

We spent a long time in de islands
And we´ve run fresh out of limes
We need a place for the debased
To spend the booty from our crimes
We got a ship full of pirates
Been a long time away from shore
We burning holes in our pockets
We know we got a lot of fun in store

And as we ´round into de quay
We know where to stay
A place that´s never seen de law
Where the beer is never flat
And the girls are on their back
It´s the Isle of Tortuga

The Pilot dives overboard
Before we ever reach the docks
He saw the gals on the white sands
He´s got a key to fit their locks
You´ve never seen such an island
Where your pirate dreams come true
If you´ve got booty for de booty
There´s nothing that could be taboo

There´s a mile full of barrels
Full of beer up to my eyes
Happily each one is greeted
And sad are our goodbyes
I drink myself into a slumber
With a smile from ear to ear
When I wake up it´s a summer
I think I´ve lost about a half a year

The people, they a getting richer
From our extended stay
They charge a fee for debauchery
We keep it up day after day
And when we spend up all our money
We know we gotta go rob some more
We´ll make a short track to get back
To the island we adore

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