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Larry Marr

There were five or six drunken shellbacks standin' before the bar
An' Larry he was servin' them from a fine five-gallon jar

In the old Virginia Lowlands, lowlands, low,
In the old Virginia Lowlands, low

In Larry's place way on the coast there lived old Larry Marr
Missus and Larry did employ such a big five-gallon jar

The pair they played the Shanghai game, wuz known both near an' far
They never missed a lucky chance to use the five-gallon jar

A hell-ship she wuz short o' hands, o' full red-blooded tars,
Missus an' Larry would prime the beer in their ol' five-gallon jar

Shellbacks an' farmers jist the same sailed into Larry Marr's,
And sailed away around the Horn, helped by the five-gallon jar

In 'Frisco town their names is known, as is the Cape Horn Bar,
An' the dope they serve out to ol' Jack, from the big five-gallon jar

From the Barbary Coast steer clear, me boys, an' from ol' Larry Marr,
Or else damn soon shanghaied ye'll be by Larry's five-gallon jar

Shanghaied away in a skys'l-ship around Cape Horn so far,
Goodbye to all the boys an' girls an' Larry's five-gallon jar

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