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Lowlands Low
(Traditional, altered lyrics by Craig Lutke)

We sail out for plunder, roger flying high
Robbing rich ships of their cargo
Forty twenty-pounders, lead set to fly
Sailing for the lowlands low

The lowlands low, the lowlands low
Sailing for the lowlands low.

The call from the captain, all hands above the boards
A caravan of sail ´cross the water
The crew set the stuns´ls, to catch our great reward.
Sailing for the lowlands low

These twenty fat merchants, try to give the slip
Our frigate she flies ´cross the water
The trailer she hoves to, firmly in our grip
Plunder in the lowlands low

A prize crew aboard her, she sails out of sight
The cannon fire roars out like thunder
A king´s man-o-war, making for the fight
Sailing for the lowlands low

We dance to the music of our gallant guns
With harmony of small-arms and splinters
Holed below the water, ´fore she tries to run
Sinking in the lowlands low

We come along side her, vaporing the air
With grapples and axes we board her
With steel, lead, and knuckles, we boldly will declare
Death! Or else, the lowlands low

With holds full of ivory, silk, and indigo
This day, we´ve become a crew of fortune
Pirates of legend, feared high and low
Sailing in the lowlands low

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