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The Mingalay Boat Song
(Hugh S. Roberton)

What care we how wild the minch is
What care we for windy weather
Hail ya ho boys, every inch is
Sailing closer to Mingalay

Hail ya ho boys, let her go boys
Bring her head 'round, and all together
Hail ya ho boys, let her go boys
Sailing homeward to Mingalay

Wives and sweethearts on the hillside
Looking seaward through the heather
Let her go boys, and we'll anchor
'Ere the sun sets on Mingalay

Set your eyes on the run a' rising
Gulls and doves fill the sky with feathers
Cut her loose, boys, for the horizon
We'll be home soon in Mingalay

When the wind is wild with shouting
And the waves mount ever higher
Anxious eyes turn ever seaward
To see us home, boys, to Mingalay

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