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The Night Pat Murphy Died
(Johnny Burke)

The night Pat Murphy died was a night I'll never forget!
Everyone got roarin' drunk and some not sober yet
As long as the bottle got passed around and everyone feelin' gay
Till a laddie came with bagpipes and music for to play

And that's how they showed their respect for Patty Murphy
That's how they showed their honor and their pride
They said it was a sin and a shame and they winked at one another
And every glass in the house was raised, the night Pat Murphy died

Well, Mrs. Murphy sat in the corner, Pouring out her grief
While Kelly and his friends, the dirty robbin thieves
Well they crept into the anteroom and a bottle of whiskey stole
And they placed the bottle upon the corpse, to keep the liquor cold

Well, the whole damn thing got merry, they didn't have a prayer
And Mrs. Murphy said she'd wait till all the gang were there
Of all the sights I'd ever seen that made me shiver with fear
Was when they took the ice off the corpse and placed it in the beer

Well someone hollered for the cops, they busted down the door
They jumped upon ole Patty's back and laid him on the floor
They knocked him twice behind the ears and once behind the head
But when they jumped up from his back, they found out he was dead

At 10:00 in the morning, the funeral left the house
Everyone but poor ole Mrs. Murphy was out soused
We stopped on the way to the graveyard, at the old Red Door Saloon
We went in there at 10:00 and we didn't come out till noon

Well someone asked old Milligan if anyone had died
Well Lou says he "I'm not quite sure, I just came for the ride"
We started off for the churchyard all in a very straight line
But we got to the grave we'd found we'd left the corpse behind

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