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South Australia
(Traditional, additional lyrics by Craig Lutke)

Oh, South Australia´s my native land.
Heave away! Haul away!
With her rocks and thieves and fleas and sand.
And we´re bound for South Australia

Heave away, you rolling king,
Heave away! Haul away!
All the way you'll hear me sing
We're bound for South Australia!

South Australia is a bloody fine place.
To get flat drunk is no disgrace

Them aussie gals don´t wear no clothes
So in South Australia, down under we´ll go

In South Australia I was born!
South Australia round Cape Horn!

As I walked out one morning fair,
It's there I met Miss Nancy Blair.

I shook her up, I shook her down,
I shook her round and round the town.

There ain't but one thing grieves my mind,
It's to leave Miss Nancy Blair behind.

Oh, rock and roll me over boys,
Let's get this damn job over boys.

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