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Johnny the Steampunk Pirate
(Robert May & Johnny Marks, new lyrics by David Ruffin)

You know Blackbeard and Bonnet and Conditt and Tew
Every, Vane, Roberts and Moody, too
But I tell no lie
There was one that took to the sky

Johnny the Steampunk Pirate
Had a very shiny gun
And by the time you saw it
He would have you on the run

All of the other pirates
Thought that he was such a bore
They always left poor Johnny
And his goggles on the shore

Then one frozen Christmas Eve
The fleet was snowed in tight
Only Johnny´s flying ship
Could soar into the sky to fight

Now all the other pirates
Are buying brass and using steam
Johnny the Steampunk Pirate
You´ve got ´em shooting laser beams

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