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Pirating a Winter Wonderland
(Felix Bernard, altered lyrics by The Bilge Pumps)

Ship bell rings, are ya listenin'?
On the deck, the snow is glistenin'.
A beautiful site, we're drunkards tonight.
Pirating a winter wonderland.

Blown away is the bluebird
Now sautéed in a bean curd
A big cask of rum, you just can't go wrong
Pirating a winter wonderland.

On the poopdeck we can build a snowman
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown
He'll say, "On your knees" and we'll say, "No man!"
That's why we keep the cab boy around.

And we'll sing like a choir
As the shire catches fire
To rape, unafraid, every widow and maid
Pirating a winter plunderland.

In the harbor, we'll avoid the hangman
And treat the Commandant like he's a clown
We'll have lots of fun with Mr. Hangman
Until the alligators choke him down

When it snows, we'll be killin'
Break your toes for a shillin'
We'll frolick and play and make the town pay
Walking in a winter wonderland.

We'll frolick and play and make the town pay
Pirating a winter wonderland

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