Bonner Springs, KS     August 30 - September 1, 2003

The Kansas City Festival's theme for the opening weekend was Oceans of Desire, and they couldn't have been more accurate as the oceans fell from the sky and turned Labor Day weekend into a quagmire. The festival had to cancel a day for the 1st time ever! Those hearty souls that braved the elements were treated to more pirates than there are canes in Singapore and The Bilge Pumps rolicked it up with the best of 'em as we debuted our newest guitarist, Gil Burton Sullivan the Cooper.

The Bilge Pumps sport their newest lineup just in time for Pirate's Weekend.

It was also debut time for the newest pirate to pump the seven seas, Gil Burton Sullivan the Cooper!

While Maroon and E try to gather up a crowd that wasn't there, Harvey and Phil have waaay too much fun playing the drum game.

It may be a new lineup, but it's the same old tricks as everyone's gets down rapping to "Shiver My Timbers".

It's just not a Bilge Pumps show until you see Phil make that face.

Natty can only cringe as Harvey mugs for all he's worth for tips during "Pay Me".

E's response is typical when Harvey asks him to dance the forbidden dance.

Maroon and Gil look around for any Jolly Rogers fans looking to string 'em up.

It's time dance for your dinner during the water-logged verses of "Pirating the Seas".

Our thanks go to Mary Dossey for the picture donations

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