The Bilge Pumps' Facebook Page - Sharkbait Simon got bored one day and started our official facebook clubhouse.
Brethren of the Coast - Captain Cutlass has more pirate stuff than you can shake your rigging at.
Expedition Whydah - Recovering the treasure of Black Sam Bellamy's sunken ship, the only pirate shipwreck ever found!
Pirates and Ghosts - Museum in galveston that shows you the inside of the pirate's mind... it's a short trip.
The Pyrates Way Magazine - A free online pirate magazine! Just the thing to pass quality time in the head... on your tablet.
Talk Like a Pirate Day - Every September 19th, you can celebrate the holiday for us pirates.
Under the Crossbones - A swarthy pirate podcast talking about all things thieving on the high seas

A Pair of Pirates - You lookin' for an awesome Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Nightly? Here they are.. savvy?
Bret Roberts - An entertaining soul with a heart made of coal.. or sole.. or something.
Brian Wendling - aka Bob the Juggler, who seems like such a nice guy until he stands on a tightrope juggling knives. That's gotta be evil.
Ded Bob - Classic example of how to haunt people from the grave.
The Dragon Attack Stunt Show - Getting medieval on ourselves. See the Bilge Pumps in high-flying stunt action!
The Foxmoon Merfolk - These mermaids (and mermen) are our favorite flotilla of flippered fans.
The Ladies of the Salty Kiss - A pirate comedy crew with not a single bloke among 'em! Who wouldn't like that?
The Scallywags - The site for our buccaneer buddies will show you why they're the scalliest scallywags what ever scalled a wag!
Sidetracked - a.k.a. the Wandering Gypsy Theater, these gals know how to play and we mean that in the more piratey of ways.
Smee and Blogg - These singing executioners'll have you laughing so hard, your head will fall off. That's good, right?
The Stilt Lady - Terrie Lutke's many characters are available for those lookin' for 8 foot pirate women to (ahem) flesh out their crew.

Alexander James Adams - Legendary and very awesome Celtic singer-songwriter who wrote "March of Cambreadth".
Black Oak Shillelagh - Awesome and friendly Celtic band from Oklahoma
Cheeks & Phoenix - Pair of non-balladeering pirates with a knack for re-imagining songs.
Diane the Bard - (a.k.a. the Bard O'Neill) - A great singer who's just plain fun to spend time snark-drinking with.
Fugli - What can you say about this guy, except that he's... Fugli?
Gypsy Soul - True, they're not a ren faire group, but they are one of Maroon's favorites, so here they are.
Haggis Rampant - These bagpipers have been teaching ducks in Louisiana to sing like strangled cats since 2000!
Pat Razket - A Swedish pirate band that knows more about American pirates that most American pirates!
The Pride O' Bedlam - Our pirate buddies from TRF. Great crew to hide from the law with.
Schooner Fare - The brothers Romanoff are spreading the love of all things nautical to the world.
The Sea Dogs - A huge West coast pirate band... well, not huge individually... uh... I mean there's 15 of em, dammit!
Tom Mason & the Blue Buccaneers - Tennessee pirate with a heart of pure coal and mad slide guitar skills
Tullamore - Awesome 3 piece band. Fully stocked with 2 good lookin' women and a guy... who's pretty good lookin' too.
Vince Conaway - They said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert? Then this guy's a whole lotta experts.
The Whiskey Bay Rovers - These pirate brethren of ours from Louisiana are great fun to listen to in the swamps.

Dickens on the Strand - Victorian Christmas festival that's been accepting and banning piracy for over 30 years.
Louisiana Renaissance Festival - Bodices and gator tails, what better way to say Renaissance. A-yeeee!
Mardi Gras Galveston - Mardi Gras, the biggest party in Texas! We've been known to crash it.
Medieval Fair of Norman - Our "home faire". Full of insane pirate fans. Big on crafts. No admission charge! We likes.
Scarborough Renaissance Festival - Renaissance faire in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. You've all been there.
Texarkana Renaissance Faire - Stuck between Texas and Arkansas? Then here's a faire for you!
Texas Pirate Festival - Whod've thought that landlocked Hillsboro would be such a den of depraved pirates?
Texas Renaissance Festival - Size makes it big. No political correctness makes it great!
Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie - Site of the Pirates on the Prairie Concerts.

Bilgemunky Radio - This spankable pirate gives the low down on all things piratey
Festival Des Pirates Radio - Containing all the pirate radio that is pirate radio in North America.
First Chair Fiddlers - Our buddy Rachel has her own bidness teaching others to be as awesome as her.
Fretboard Explorer - Our buddy Rich's site is the home of the Solene, the String Jack, the String Rack, and other cool guitar-related things.
Mudcat Discussion Forum - Detailed listing of traditional folk songs. Lyric search included.
RenaissanceFestivalMusic.com - Home of the Ren Festival Podcast, giving you music from the faire performers.
Scoundrel's Inn - Every Wednesday night, this pirate station plays an evening of pirate music for all!
TheSeaShanty.net - A site dedicated to that loveliest of all work songs.

Charter Savvy - An online magazine dedicated to bareboat chartering
Nautical Antiques and Decor - Anything you need that used to be in salt water is here!
Red Dragon Pirate Cruises - Need more booty? There's a pirate ship for hire on the Texas coast!
San Diego Maritime Museum - Home of the tall ships Star of India, H.M.S. Surprise, Californian and more!
Tall Ship U.S.S. Constitution - "Old Ironsides". The undefeated wooden ship of the US Navy.
Texas Seaport Museum - Home of the Tall Ship Elissa, an iron-sided barque based in Galveston, TX with the nicest crew around!
The Brigantine Compass Rose - The finest pirate ship on all of Lake Texoma!

Blackbead's Treasure Chest - Pirate jewelry and lover-ly nautical goods to stuff your bilges with.
Clip Clocks - Ever wonder why we stare at our nipples so much onstage? Now you know.
Earthwalkers - From the man who made Maroon's legendary pair, go here for custom or sized boots
Magpie's Trick - Very cool handcrafted jewelry made by very cool people
Marti Melville - Author of Midnight Omen Deja Vu, the worlds first time-travel pirate novel.
Railean Rum - Rum! Texas rum! Pirate friendly Texas rum!
Renboots.com - Want new boots so ya can look piratical? Here's a good place to spend yer loot.
Renshirts.com - 'Cause, unless you wanna get arrested, there's no wearing renboots without a renshirt... and pants.
SteelDrumMallets.com - Maroon the Shantyman's own store where he makes and sells steel pan mallets.

A Wanderer's Tales - Follow our buddy Gene's life through photos... and the occasional head shot... in the head.
Dossey's Diversions - Where to go to hire John Crow or Fannie as a Santa & Mrs. Claus or as DJ's.
R.E.S.C.U. Foundation - A non-profit organization that helps ren faire participants deal with unexpected medical bills.
The Renlist - The latest faire and performer compendium on the web. Ready to pillage.
Sir Stalkwell's Gallery - Pics from one of our favorite photographers. We're pretty sure he owes us a beer.

For booking information contact Craig Lutke at:
214-415-9563 or by e-mail at

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