Plantersville, TX     October 19 - 20, 2002

Was it rainy? Sure. Was it muddy? You becha. Was it fun? You know it! The Bilge Pumps rolled down to TRF for a guest weekend at the coutry's largest renaissance festival. Eight Bilge Pumps on the stage is enough to frighten even the heartiest Texan.

Kailyn shows off the theme for the weekend as he stands in a small river from the TRF rain-fest.

The Bilge Pumps are quite used to the rain, though, and TRF brought out 8 Bilge Pumps to grace the stage.

Aloysius the Carpenter ducks for cover when the Gunner starts spitting all over the stage.

Squeegy admires Maroon's technique at playing the home version of Whack a Mole.

Mop the Swabbie shows off the blue teeth he earned eating Gracie, the Carpenter's Daughter's, birthday cake.

Squeegy is forced to hide from the rain to protect his instrument... guitar, that is.

Harvey picks up a variety of folk to do his dance on "Cape Cod Girls". He's cruel that way.

Danika looks about in vain for any patrons to watch the show on the Saturday morning downpour.

Squint loves to come back with the band so he can break into his Tina Turner impression again.

E gives Harvey a harsh talking to as Aloysius things of naughty things you can do to muppets.

There's nothing like the violent reaction men get when you threaten them with unexpected circumcision.

Harvey and Kailyn do some fancy, muddy, patty-caking on "Roll the Woodpile Down".

Danika the Quartermaster tries to find a way to market the CD's as umbrellas.

"Johnny Jump Up" always starts so quiet and subdued. Maybe it's be a break from all of the usual mayhem of a Bilge Pumps' show...

... Nah.

Well, if it isn't the rap kings of TRF

Sometimes we can't help but laugh at the cities we get suggested during "Donkey Riding".


The Night Pat Murphy Died
Doing all sorts of naughty things to dead guys
Uploaded: Oct 30 2002     320 X 240    03:37 min.    26.9 MB
The Farmer
Surely you don't use dirty words on an audition weekend, right?
Uploaded: Oct 30 2002     320 X 240    03:17 min.    24.6 MB

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