Grand Prairie, TX     February 1, 2014

The Bilge Pumps returned to the Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie for the third edition of the Pirates on the Prairie concerts and did we ever have a good time! A lovely mix of experienced and new audience members made for the rarest of shows, one where some audience members say our punch lines the same time we do, and some audience members laugh at hearing them the first time. We mixed up the show be adding some new songs never before done and fired off a ton of our greatest hits to the smiles and laughter of the lovely audience. We even finished off "Old Dun Cow" by doing the Time Warp with the help of some Rocky Horror actor friends from Amber Does Dallas to close the show. Mix that in with the Uptown's hospitality (and a fabulous custom rum drink called the Bilge Breeze), a caricature artist in the lobby, and lastly, but certainly not leastly, the piratical prosification of the Seadog Slam, adding that touch of class and crass entertaining the crowd in the lobby. It was a great night to be a pirate.

It's Pirates on the Prairie time again at the Uptown!

The Bilge Pumps have their name in lights again. It's kind of a waste of electricity.

The concert poster hangs outside the theater enticing those ticket sales

The band gathers the week before the show to get the nautical set built.

The band gathers up to do some dance rehearsal before the show. Notice John Crow's lack of attention paid.

Natty Nell the Navigator locks down the merchandise table and prepares for the onrush of people.

The Seadog Slam fires off some pirate poetry to entertain the audience in the Uptown's great lobby

It's not just pirates that came to watch the show, it takes characters of all types.

Dr Scott leads the Seadogs into some poetry set to melody... those are called songs, right?

The Uptown's full bar decided to make a special drink just for the show... introducing the Bilge Breeze!

The audience gathers in anticipating an actual pirate show... if only there was a band around.

Well, I guess these guys will work as well as anyone.

Captain America's arch nemesis is lurking behind the band, thanks to the stellar lighting tech.

Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat shows his true love for Maroon the Shantyman in this backstage shot. See? He's not all grumpy.

Harvey the Corpsman gathers up all the Jack Sparrows in the audience to participate in a boozy version of "Cape Cod Girls".

Maroon fires up "Strike the Bell" in hopes of getting a solid recording without all the insanity.

Maroon should have known better

All of the birthday havers in the audience were gathered on stage for a rendition of the "Bilge Pumps Birthday Song"

The band fires up a new song, "Farewell to Nova Scotia", to show the audience we can still do new things.

The band goes all true sea shanty-ish with their version of "Santiano".

It's Uncle Maroon's story time! That's means it's time to kick off "Old Dun Cow".

Maroon tries to hide his head in the tan tan when Sharkbait Simon gets all nuts on his solo.

Columbia from Amber Does Dallas helps Riff Raff Maroon serenade Harvey... and he loves every second of it.

Let's do the Time Warp Again! Except for John Crow the Cook, who goes off and does his own dance.

Show's over! Time to get backstage and enjoy some of the custom Bilge Pumps cake baked up by our own Sugar Stef the Ship's Baker!

Columbia and the Jack Sparrows gather together around a Bilge Pumps CD, right before they burn it for heat.

Our thanks go to Dana Smith, Fred Flores, & Scott Ward for their donated pictures


Donkey Riding
Up close and personal view of the band's brains exploding coming up with city rhymes.
Uploaded: Feb 25 2014     720 X 400    03:25 min.    48.4 MB
Son of a Gambolier
Splice the Rigger leads us in this autobiographical song of singing pirates
Uploaded: Feb 25 2014     720 X 400    01:59 min.    27.7 MB
Cape Cod Girls/Johnny Boy
All the Jack Sparrows in the crowd get pulled up on stage to dance with Harvey and then are forced to stick around for the Danny Boy spoof.
Uploaded: Feb 25 2014     720 X 400    03:52 min.    54.2 MB

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