Grand Prairie, TX     January 31, 2015

For the 2015 edition of our Pirates on the Prairie concert series, the Bilge Pumps brought back another artist to perform with us... in this case our friend in song and snark, Diane Linn aka The Bard O'Neill who helped class the place up with her music and paintings. We were also joined, once again, by our pirate poetry slingin' brethren the Seadog Slam. Jack the Rum Runner, the newest Bilge Pump got a chance to make his official debut and we were joined by Rich Eberlen, a friend of the band who helped us crank out a sweet third set where we brought some rock to our usual folk world. Ron Jensen, the Mayor of Grand Prairie made an appearance as well where he made a proclamation declaring the Bilge Pumps as the Official Band of Pirates for the City of Grand Prairie! Bet you wish you were there.

It's Pirates on the Prairie time at the Uptown!

The Bilge Pumps have their name in lights again. It's kind of a waste of electricity.

The concert poster hangs outside the theater enticing those ticket sales, or shooing away customers

Maroon the Shantyman and Splice the Rigger appeared on Fishbowl Radio the night before the show, talking it up.

The Bilge Pumps and friends gather together to rehearse their crazy 3rd set before sound checks.

The newest band member, Jack the Rum Runner is ready for his official debut with the band.

Before Jack gets a shot, though, Diane Linn takes the stage and teases the audience with musical skill.

The audience gathers in the lobby pre-show watching the Seadog Slam do their piratical versification.

Yeah, the Seadog Slam, this group of pirates. That's right, we let 'em in.

On stage, Diane channels her inner Joanie Mitchell to wrap up her set.

Meanwhile, old Billy Bones is hungry for the Bilge Pumps to start.

First things first, though. Ron Jensen, the Mayor of the City of Grand Prairie has a proclamation to read.

It's true! We're the official band of pirates for the City of Grand Prairie!

For that, the Mayor is rewarded(?) by a massive pirate group hug.

Now that official business is over, it's time to start the Bilge Pumps' set.

Time for a happy song about a ship rising from the depths. "The Mary Ellen Carter" is a ship on viagra.

Jack and Sharkbait Simon the Scapegoat are nailing down the whole music part of the show.

John Crow the Cook sings in front of the ship's mascot, One-Eyed Willy.

In case you didn't like the music in the show, we know the guy to blame.

The Bilge Pumps (+1) crank out their funky version of "Johnny Jump Up"

Maroon the Shantyman and Sharkbait actually grab some good air during the song.

When Pat Murphy's playing, everyone's feeling gay.

Splice the Rigger and Harvey the Corpsman hold up the recently deceased Pat Murphy.

The band brought their buddy Rich on stage to perform a new song, "The Osprey".

Splice like to pretend he's a bellowing pirate sometimes... when he's all alone in front of his mirror.

Hard to speculate what's going on here, but by John Crow's face, I'd guess it's not good for anyone behind him.

Maroon and Harvey try to decide who wants to start the song.

Crow is an expert handler of all things ding-a-ling.

Doesn't Jack look just dandy for the show?

It's time for the 3rd set, where the Bilge Pumps are joined by Diane Linn and Rich Eberlen for some insanity.

For the first time ever in a Bilge Pumps show, 4 guitars and a bass were playing at the same time.

If you didn't have a guitar though, you... uh... watched.

Show's over, time to retire to the lobby and feast on the latest crecaketion by Stef the Baker!

Our thanks go to Mary Dossey, Dana Smith, Patrick Razack, Brianna MacLeod, Mikayla Harris, and Della Bean for their donated pictures


Mayor's Proclamation
Ron Jensen, the Mayor of Grand Prairie proclaims the Bilge Pumps to be the official band of pirates for the city
Uploaded: Feb 19 2015     720 X 400    02:20 min.    33.3 MB
Barroom Blitz
Cranking out a rockin bonus track from our Brigands with Big'uns album
Uploaded: Feb 19 2015     720 X 400    03:48 min.    53.5 MB
Oak, Ash and Thorn
Diane Linn shows everyone why we invited her on this Rudyard Kipling song
Uploaded: Feb 19 2015     720 X 400    04:26 min.    62.6 MB
Donkey Riding
No city name is too tough! Unless there are children in the crowd.
Uploaded: Feb 19 2015     720 X 400    06:58 min.    99.1 MB
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Saying goodbye to Canada
Uploaded: Feb 19 2015     720 X 400    03:04 min.    43.5 MB

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