Grand Prairie, TX     August 18, 2012

In an expanded repeat of the January edition of the concert, Pirates on the Prairie II was bigger, badder, better and ready to blow your top off. Once again, we were joined on stage by our pirate buddies from down Houston-way, the Pride O' Bedlam and the Celtic stylings of Traveller Song. And we also added some pirate poetry by the Seadog Slam happening during intermissions in the lobby between sets. Though the monsoon rains, coupled with the threat of chemical spraying for mosquitos by Dallas County, kept many people away from the show, unfortunately, we all proceeded to put on a show to remember for those that did attend. We even got all three bands together at the end of the evening for an finale that brought down the house. To top it off, it was all recorded for use on future albums for the bands. In our case, that meant our Bail Money album.

It's the second go-round for the Pirates on the Prairie Concert and the Marquee outside the Uptown Theater announces the show to all within view. The Bilge Pumps, the Pride O' Beldam, and Traveller Song all up in lights.

The three bands gather together before the show to rehearse songs they'll perform together at the end of the evening.

And this show will have more musical instruments than any previous show.

The Pride O' Bedlam crew and Maroon the Shantyman try to synch up on "Grey Funnel Line"

Tempest the Stormwatcher and Legend the Ship's Baker gather together to spread some joy before the show.

Ship's Baker you said? Yep, she brings us goodies full of confection for confession.

Dr. Scott of the Seadog Slam unleashes some of his wit and wisdom on those in the lobby. Meanwhile, the gathering of Sparrows continues behind him.

Traveller Song starts off their set with an ode to the hordes of Mexican Scots in the world.

Then they switched back to the much less prevelant, regular Scots

John Crow the Cook and Natty Nell the Navigator take in the bands on the screens in the lobby.

The Pride O' Bedlam take the stage with the pirate audience looking on eagerly.

Does the crew seem to spend an inordinate amount of time drinking during their songs?

Bedlam couldn't possibly get through a set without some of the Bilge Pumps and Traveller Song messing with them.

The Bilge Pumps, headlining the show, finally take the stage and rattle off some songs from their new album

Though, admittedly, they weren't expecting John Crow to die when it happened.

After the Bilge Pumps' set, everyone gathered back on stage to rattle off some pre-selected songs together, including "The Mary Ellen Carter".

Maroon the Shantyman, Admiral Drake, and Harvey the Corpsman fire up "The Derelict" with full instrumentation.

Then, Maroon sprung a surprise on everyone to make them finish the night with "Johnny Jump Up".

And the results were impressive if you sat on the front row.

Our thanks go to Della Bean for her donated pictures


The Royal Oak
The Bilge Pumps perform a newly arranged and re-written traditional song from their new album.
Uploaded: Sep 12 2012     720 X 400    04:34 min.    63.3 MB
Heave Away
The Pride O' Bedlam debuts a new song for the assembled pirate horde.
Uploaded: Sep 12 2012     720 X 400    02:12 min.    31.7 MB
Shift the Sky
Traveller Song performs Ewan MacColl's "Move Along, Get Along" in this medley with a dash of Firefly for the browncoats.
Uploaded: Sep 12 2012     720 X 400    04:09 min.    58.0 MB
The Mary Ellen Carter
The Bilge Pumps, the Pride O' Bedlam, and Traveller Song combine to sing this Stan Rogers classic.
Uploaded: Sep 12 2012     720 X 400    03:55 min.    53.8 MB

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