Wichita, KS     April 22 - 23, 2006

The record heat followed us up to Kansas and boiled Sharkbait's brain for all the fans to see. (We'll be auctioning what's left on eBay soon) We got a chance to make some new fans, meet up with some old friends (go Scallywags!), and got a chance to see our familiar fans in a whole new environment. We must apologize after the fact for the stress damage I'm sure we caused to the pirate ship stage from all of our jumping around in the shows. har har.

First show on the day on Saturday, Harvey scans the festival looking for the nearest patron to pounce on.

Galleon seems a bit confused when Harvey informs him he's a quart low.

However, the "do unto others" rule sometimes isn't all it cracked up to be, as Harvey finds out.

The guys make the effort to cram all 6 of themselves on the waist of the ship stage. Hopefully the ship's tires are aired up.

There's nothing quite as much fun as watching a 1/2 ton of whiteness try to rap.

The band spreads out a bit more as John Crow and Galleon compete to find out who's cheap and who's easy.

Harvey Marley, Maroon, and John Crow for a new sub-group of the Bilge Pumps... the limbo kings!

John Crow pays the price as he tries to cheat by stepping over the limbo pole instead of under.

See John? This is how you cheat. You gotta butter up the limbo pole holder.

Maroon and Sharkbait take time off to play Statler and Waldorf to the Scallywags show.

Harvey breaks out his saggy coconuts to dance a lil' tropical dance with the audience during the "Isle of Tortuga".

Our thanks go to Mary Dossey and John Wilburn for the pictures.

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