Fort Worth, TX     July 2, 2005

We decided to add a little culture to our lives and throw ourselves a pirate picnic as a benefit to the Hip Pocket Theater in Ft. Worth. We invited our friends Bret Roberts, The Foxmoon Mermaids, and Brendana's Dream to help us keep everyone entertained in the billion degree summer in Texas. Those that braved the sun had themselves a good time... or maybe that's just the heat stroke talking.

The Bilge Pumps jump up on stage to broil themselves in the hot Texas sun.

Maroon sets up the sound system as people start to file in. Not that there's anything that can be done to make us sound better.

Harvey's gets back in touch with his rastafarian roots during "Black Ball Line".

Hey, that's not fair! He's too short to be limboing with the rest of us.

John Crow the Cook rattles off a really dirty rhyme during "Donkey Riding".

Which means Squeegy the Cabin Boy is completely useless for five minutes.

Phil's mic stands was having some drooping issues, so he decides to sing from the deck.

Galleon looks to be the only Bilge Pumps to muster up enough energy to dance during "Johnny Jump Up".

One of our guest performers, Brendana's Dream, performs, our own E the Bosun and Heather the Bosun's Mate included.


What's Heather's reward for pulling double duty? Getting cornered onstage for "Whiskey Johnny" on a blazing hot steel chair.


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