Grand Prairie, TX     January 28, 2012

It was hastily put together in the wake of the loss of our previous location, but the Pirates on the Prairie concert (formerly the Winter Pirate Party) was welcomed by its new host, the Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie, and we proceeded to put on possibly our most fun show ever! We invited our pirate buddies from Houston, the Pride of Bedlam and our buddies from D/FW, Traveller Song, so come and share in the goodness with us as we proceeded to put on a 4+ hour show with lots of great music, unexpected goofiness, and unforgettable moments. There weren't as many people as we could have drawn had we more time to organize the event, but those that came were supportive, eager, and more than willing to support the cause. We'll be doing it again for sure.

The Marquee outside the Uptown Theater announces the show to all within view. The Bilge Pumps, the Pride O' Beldam, and Traveller Song all up in lights.

Traveller Song starts off a night of debuachery at the Pirates on the Prairie Concert

Michael O'Quinn pulls out the guitar to add some class to the joint.

Then he proceeds to bring the class right back down by telling a joke between songs.

Maroon the Shantyman starts an evening full of sign wars by poking up an announcement from the orchestra pit.

The band couldn't help but bring up the other bands to do a shanty round. Not that anyone knows shanties on that stage.

Enter the Pride O' Bedlam, Houston's own pirate funk band!

The ladies of the crew belt out the haunting ghost story of "The Dark Lady".

Meanwhile, the guys must sit and admire.... except for Bones, who has to play guitar.

Of course, doing a nice pretty song doesn't prevent you from being a target of the sign wars!

OK, now we're starting to get too real here.

Meanwhile there were no Bilge Pumps to be found in the dressing room? Where could they be?

Ah, here they are! Headlining the show was Grand Prairie's own pirate band, the Bilge Pumps. You didn't know the city had its own band did you?

The Bilge Pumps debut a brand new song to the crowd, "Nancy Whiskey".

The drum goes boom during "Black & Tans" thanks to Maroon's questionable rhythm.

Harvey the Corpsman lays out the reasoning to get Sharkbait Simon to dance on "The Gun Shanty".

Maroon has to choose between too many mics while playing the didjeridu.

The Uptown Theater was a very nice stage for the show to go on that evening. Shame about that band, though.

The Bilge Pumps couldn't resist calling everyone back up onstage to do some jazz hands during "Johnny Jump Up".

Then, much to their chagrin, everyone is forced to stay there and come up with city name rhymes on "Donkey Riding"

Then Michael O'Quinn is the last one to be let go as he's forced to go all rock star with the band on "Old Dun Cow".

Our thanks go to Scott Ward for his donated pictures


Haul, Boys, Haul
Maroon goes all goofy with the didjeridu
Uploaded: Feb 03 2012     384 X 240    03:04 min.    43.3 MB
Barrett's Privateers
The Pride O' Bedlam roll out their signature song
Uploaded: Feb 03 2012     384 X 240    05:47 min.    80.5 MB
Cruiscin Lan
Traveller Song performs the ode to Irish drinkers everywhere
Uploaded: Feb 03 2012     384 X 240    02:49 min.    21.2 MB

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