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Song: The Pump Shanty Track: 11
Album: The Idiodyssey Length: 3:04
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 6.30 MB
Composer: Tony Goodenough (alt lyrics by the Bilge Pumps) Cost: $0.99
In Tony Goodenough´s words, "All traditional songs have to be written at some time". He wrote this shanty in 1988 as an attempt to make 4 verse rhymes in a working song.
Once we heard this song, we knew if would fit us perfectly, being Bilge Pumps and all that. With that in mind, we replaced some lyrics with goofy piratey rhymes of our own and the rest is infamy.

Lead vocals: Craig Lutke & David Ruffin, Guitar: Christopher Dallion, Tan Tan: Craig Lutke

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