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Song: The Mermaid Track: 16
Album: The Idiodyssey Length: 2:15
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 4.84 MB
Composer: Traditional Cost: $0.99
This sad song originally had no mention of a mermaid at all and was just about a sinking ship that left on a Friday, which is bad luck in nautical superstition. It is also said that if a sailor ever spies a mermaid, then his ship would sink as well, doubling the bad luck in this song.
We have always resisted performing this song as many festivals around do a happy-go-lucky version of it that did not sit well with us. We decided to take the song back to its roots and make it a tragic tale again, enhanced by the change to a minor key.

Lead vocals: Christopher Dallion, Doumbek: Craig Lutke, Tan Tan: Craig Lutke, Snare: Craig Lutke, Shruti Box: David Ruffin

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