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Song: Harvey the Corpsman Track: 32
Album: A Pirate's Christmas Wish Length: 2:17
Artist: The Bilge Pumps File Size: 4.35 MB
Composer: Walter Rollins/Steve Nelson (alt lyrics by C. Dallion & D. Ruffin) Cost: $0.99
Recorded in 2012 as a companion song to our A Pirate's Christmas Wish CD

Conceived by Christopher Dallion as a jokey roast on our own Harvey the Corpsman, he got stuck coming up with suitable verses to blast our Corpsman appropriately. Enter Harvey himself, David Ruffin, who contributed the second half of the song in a true dose of taking one for the team.

Now Christmas is complete.

Lead vocals: Nathan Campbell, Doumbek: Craig Lutke, Sleigh Bells: Craig Lutke

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