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Trimmin' in the Riggin'
(Craig Lutke & Rich Eberlen)

The Captain's got tinsel in his beard
The Quartermaster hangs his stockings on the capstan bars
The spirit of Christmas is here
Our ship's got yards of yuletide cheer a clinging to its spars

And there's extra trimmin' in the riggin'
Every pirate goes aloft to spread about his Christmas cheer
And there's extra trimmin' in the riggin'
We won't be the ship that Santa misses this year

The galley's got a chimney rising high
Our crow's nest is filled up with milk and cookies to the hilt
Reindeer kibble is in good supply
We've even swabbed up every deck of all the blood we've spilt

Our flag changes for the holidays
Our black and white is swapped out for a festive red and green
A portrait of Santa and his sleigh
Yes, we fly the jolliest roger you have ever seen

There's lanterns aloft and alow
Illuminating cheerful smiles on every pirate's face
We can see for miles from the glow
We're gonna be the only pirates you can see from space

For pirates, we're really not bad guys
But, somehow, we always end up on the naughty list
Hey Santa, a quick word to the wise
Leave presents on our deck this year or we'll be really pissed.

This year Santa better bring us presents and beer

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