Songs Lyrics
A-F G-O P-Z Christmas
Biddy McGrath
(Tom Flanagan, altered lyrics by Craig Lutke)

Oh, let me tell you a story, it will give you a shock
It was all about the murder on the St. John's dock
The girl in question was Biddy McGrath
She strangled two sailors with the straps of her bra

With me touriah fall da diddle ah
Touriah ouriah ouriagh
With me touriah fall da diddle ah
Touriah ouriah ouriagh

Well, they tried to get her drunk on her own corn liquor
But fast as they were, she was quicker
Remembering a story told by her Ma
She then untied the straps of her bra

So she wrapped those straps around the big fella's head
And flung him in the river like a lump of lead
The little one laughed, crying out "Ha ha!"
And she filled his jaw with the rest of her bra

She grabbed her boobs as his face turned red
So he'd not get a show 'fore he dropped dead
She gave him a kick to his poor ship's bells
Then ran like hell as over he fell

She went home that night 'bout a quarter to one
Happy and contented with a job well done
She told her story to her ma and her pa
"Thanks to be Gah you were wearin' yer bra!"

The police found her the very next day
The prime evidence was her 40 DD
The judge he sentenced poor Biddy McGrath
To hang from the gallows by the straps of her bra

So if you're ever in Dublin town
Where there's ever a pretty girl to be found
Run if you see the straps of her bra
It might be the ghost of Biddy McGrath!

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