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A-F G-O P-Z Christmas
The Captain's Daughter
(David Ruffin/Craig Lutke/Rich Eberlen)

I took a stroll beside the sea, enjoying sunny weather
And spied a comely blue-eyed lass. I vowed that I would have her
Her hair was gold, her skin quite fair, we took a walk together
I stole a kiss, that´s when she said, "The captain is my father!"

Oh, I'm sailing home to a gallows bell
Like a lamb unto the slaughter
I´m sailing home to wedding bells
To marry the Captain's daughter

"I watched as you scrubbed the deck and high up in the riggin'
A husband soon I need to take and you'll do fine, I'm thinking.
Her grip was tight, but I shook free and took off fairly runnin'
She cut me off at Market Street. I can't deny her cunnin'

Yes, (Chorus)

I ran on board and hid below, relieved that we were sailing
But from the shore her voice arose just like a banshee wailing
"Papa, please, ye have me love. The man that I would marry"
The Captain shouted back to shore "My child I cannot tarry"

But, (Chorus)

So off to sea, a free man now, when called to the Captain's cabin
"I see not what my daughter sees, But you're the lad that she's havin'"
"But sir," I begged, "I need no wife, I'm a free man. No braggin'"
He said, "No more! Upon me life, I'll not have her Mother's naggin'"

So, (Chorus)

She walked the aisle, and I, the plank, all through the crew's cold laughter
Take heed says I, unto them all, be wary whom ye flatter
After seven years and seven kids a climbing in the rafters
A captain I, with a fine tall ship, and it's off to sea hereafter

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