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Danny Boy
(Frederick Weatherly, altered lyrics by David Ruffin)

Oh, Danny Boy
The Priest, the Priest is calling
It´s confirmation down at church again.
The alter calls and we know your confessing
To all those times you shared the Father´s sin.

But after mass, they´re having lunch this Sunday
The nuns are playing Bingo in the hall,
But in the garden you´ll find Father Harrigan
And Danny Boy, behind the Rect´ry wall.

Oh, Danny Boy
Your pants, your pants keep falling.
Around your knees, and to the deck again.
You´ve spent too long awaiting Captain´s orders
As Cabin Boy it´s back to work again.

But in the morning when the sun is gleaming,
And gentle breezes blow from sea to glen
You´ll be on deck and hanging on the railing
We´ll hear you sing those Bilge Pumps songs again!

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