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(Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet, additional lyrics by David Ruffin)

We´re sailing on a ship to the ocean
We´re sailing on the ocean to the sea
We´re sailing up the creek, all the way to Mozambique
Sailing is the only life for me

There was a pirate with a peg-leg and a parrot
Who bought his vegetables from farmers at the pier
He´d gladly trade a piece of eight for a carrot
But was dumbfounded that corn cost a buck-an-ear

There was a ship with a cargo of red paint
To a tragic fate, everyone was doomed
It rammed a ship with a cargo of brown paint
The ships sank and the sailors were marooned

A pelican was talking to his gull-friend
About the way the walrus made him feel
They stopped in for a drink down at the sandbar
And caught a tuna from B.B. Kingfish and Lou Seal

It´s often said that you can tune a guitar
A piano or a cello, if you wish
But no matter how accomplished you think you are
You´ll never have the scale to tune a fish

Our little galley never saw a rat while sailing
But why it was, we never really knew
´Til we saw the cook a gaggin´ at the railin´
We watched as he heaved one and then heaved two

The captain called aloud for the ship´s Sturgeon
He was carpin´ ´bout the trout he couldn´t cut
When we asked him why he tried to use a swordfish
He said he´d done it for the Halibut

Eight pirates climbed up high into the riggin´
To gather up the mighty mainsail´s weight
When a wave did strike us, and it was a big´un
Now all that we´ve got left is pieces of eight

We took a ship transporting three lovely maidens
There was Rose and Ivy and the last was called Holly
Our sentry Roger plied them with the ship´s gin
And now you know why Roger is so jolly

After boarding a Spanish galleon that was quite handsome
Our prisoners stood before us in a quiver
One senorita said, "I have something for a ransom"
So we all lined up and got our timbers shivered

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