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A Pirate's Christmas Wish
(David Ruffin & Allen Olson)

Well, it's Yo Ho Ho for Christmas and we're filled with Christmas cheer
'Cause we've spent all night drinkin' our rum and grog and beer
Yes, it's Yo Ho Ho for Christmas for every buccaneer
'Cause we can't hardly stand to wait 'til Santa Claus gets here

I want a brand new spyglass, I think that mine is broke
It must have been when I smashed the head of some poor sodden bloke

I want a shiny cutlass. Yes, one that's really sharp
I'll send some bugger to heaven to play upon his harp


I want a great big fancy hat, the kind that Blackbeard wore
So folks will stop and bow to me whenever I'm on shore

I want a pair of tall, black boots of leather rich and fine
And polish for the Cabin Boy to make 'em really shine


I want a bigger flintlock and then I'll have some fun
I'll find myself some Navies and put them on the run

I want a great big cannon, that makes a great big boom
I'll fire it at the village and send them to their doom


But most of all the thing we want, no matter where we roam
Is Christmas Day to find ourselves a settin' sail for home


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